Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After many months of inactivity, I've stumbled across and rediscovered my existing blog. I feel disappointed in letting it sit and gather dust... So, here's a peek into what I've been conjuring up in my Intro to Maya course.

We were tasked with creating a interior scene within Maya.

This is my quick little concept sketch idea of a old, tagged and dirty public restroom.

I then took the concept and made a quick low-poly rough in of all the objects.

After finishing the low-poly models, I painted right over the top to get a quick idea of my "Look and Feel" I wanted to give the scene.

I then took a while to build up some high-poly models and tweaked the scene to add a little more interest. I then rendered out the Ambient Occlusion.

After tediously unwrapping all my UV's I took a good week to create the texture maps for my scene. Including some Normal maps with the nifty Nvidia Photoshop plug-in and some Specular maps.

I then worked with the lighting to get the overall feel I wanted.

Finally, I overlay the Ambient Occlusion and brighten the scene just a smidgen.

I'm still tweaking the light with my Maya professor, but I'll make sure to upload the final render next week~!

I plan on updating this blog weekly with my adventures into the art world... so make sure you check back~ :D

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